The rotary atomizer F15D was designed and developed in 2005 to meet cGMP requirements and is manufactured for handling food and dairy products in spray dryers . Meeting the standards and requirements of consistent equipment performance played a key role in designing this rotary atomizer.

To achieve consistency, F15D is the right type, design and size to fulfill the specific system requirements. It was primarily developed for NARROWSPAN™ technology.


  • For dairy and food grade products

Features and benefits:

  • Wide range of rotary atomizer wheels for abrasive and non-abrasive feeds
  • Rotational speed controlled by frequency converter
  • High reliability, availability and durability
  • Patented wear-resistant wheel design - WEARSERT™
  • Proprietary feed distributor design - VOLUTE™
  • High turn down range
  • Sanitary design, easy to clean and inspect - complying with EN 1672-2

Technical data:

  • Power range: 2.5 – 10 kW (depending on rotational speed)
  • Nominal Motor Speed: 5000-24500 rpm
  • Mounted with Tachometer System
  • Sealed bearings greased for life - no product contamination by lubricant
  • Designed and manufactured according to relevant EU directives and harmonized standards


  • Flooding Monitoring System
  • Spindle Vibration Monitoring System
  • Bearing Temperature Monitoring
  • Wheel Safety Water System

Read the brochure about GEA Niro's F15D rotary atomizer.