The rotary atomizer F1.5X was designed to meet cGMP requirements and is manufactured for handling pharmaceutical products . It was primarily developed for PHARMASD™ spray dryers during 2003. This rotary atomizer is designed to handle a wide range of feed compounds that are based on acetone, methylene chloride, ethanol, and other organic solvents.


  • For closed cycle and open cycle spray dryers
  • Primarily for use in GEA Niro PHARMASD™ spray dryers
  • Abrasive and non-abrasive liquid feeds for products in the food, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

Features and benefits:

  • Sanitary design makes it easy to clean and inspect - complying with EN 1672-2
  • Tri-Clamp connections for fast, simple dismantling
  • Rotational speed controlled by frequency converter
  • Indication of spindle speed and atomizer performance via VFD read out and Tachometer
  • Motor surface temperature controlled against overheating
  • Purge air connection for the separation of the product zone
  • Provision for hot air sterilization of all product contact parts
  • Incorporate cGMP requirements for the spraying of pharmaceutical products during the drying process. Entire unit can be sterilized quickly and effectively for re-use.
  • Wide range of rotary atomizer wheels for non-abrasive and abrasive feeds
  • High reliability, availability and durability
  • Patented wear-resistant wheel design - WEARSERT™
  • Proprietary feed distributor design - VOLUTE™
  • High turn down range

Technical data:

  • Bearings with FDA approved grease
  • Material certificates according to EN 10204 Type 3.1
  • Thermo sensor in feed pipe bracket
  • Wheel speed range: 10,000-30,000 rpm
  • Feed rates: 120-370 kg/h
  • Direct driven frequency controlled motor 0.5 - 1.5 kW

Read the brochure about GEA Niro's F1.5X rotary atomizer.