Located at GEA Process Engineering in Copenhagen, Denmark, this is the World’s largest test centre of its type for process equipment.

The centre offers over 40 different pilot plants and a variety of auxiliary equipment for feasibility and pilot-scale testing various processes used in the manufacture of chemical, dairy, food and pharmaceutical products.

This centre of excellence is staffed by some of the most experienced personnel in the process equipment industry. From concept, through pilots trials and final analysis in on-site laboratories, the staff are available to consult with customers to determine the optimal process conditions on a case-by-case basis.

Test and development
GEA Process Engineering has many years of experience in adapting a wide range of technologies and processes into viable solutions for customers whom are looking to maximise potential opportunities. An ongoing development programme is constantly examining emerging technologies and their development within the global environment.

The staff work closely with our sales organizations, providing an in-depth understanding of current market demands across the entire process equipment portfolio.

Main activities
Feasibility testing at the GEA Niro Test Center is able to expertly evaluate whether a product should be dried, agglomerated, extracted, concentrated etc., in addition to determining all appropriate equipment needed to obtain the desired results – this equally applies for pilot testing and full-scale production. Whether samples are in a solution, slurry, paste, filter cake or powder, either as raw material or as a reference product indicating the properties of the final product, the Test Center has proven time after time to deliver accurate, reliable and repeatable results.

The numerous pilot testing facilities provide vital, basic design data so that processes can be optimised for a range of conditions. This is supported by state-of-the-art laboratory analysis throughout testing programme, both before and after processing. Production samples are what it means: real samples of production quality product. These facilities are also in demand for customers who need only limited production runs – this could be for market analysis, regulative approval or special orders.

The laboratory offers customers fast, accurate data on a wide range of issues. For example, properties frequently analysed include particle size distribution, bulk density, moisture content, photomicroscopic analysis, flowability and hygroscopicity.

A range of GEA Niro pilot plants are also available for rental, to be used wherever the customer has the appropriate conditions for operating the plant.

Working in partnership
GEA Process Engineering’s project teams consist of specialists in fields such as, for example, process engineering, mechanical design, product testing, field testing etc. The projects are aimed at both process and equipment development.

GEA Process Engineering's position as the world leader in spray drying has long been supported by the work undertaken at the GEA Niro Test Center. Many of the processes operated throughout the processing equipment industry have been developed here.

Existing and potential customers are invited to contact any of the dedicated, specialist Sales Engineers to obtain more detailed information about the opportunities available at the GEA Niro Test Center.