Based on GEA Niro’s proven and recognized technology, the rotary atomizer F160 was designed and developed in 1975. The larger capacity in those years enabled the process engineers to utilize its services for spray drying operations in the field of larger chemical products . Furthermore, it also found its utilization in the field of air pollution control and in the mining plants.


  • For closed cycle and open cycle spray dryers
  • Abrasive and non-abrasive liquid feeds for products in the chemicals, air pollution and mining industries
  • Processing plants in the field of air pollution control and mining industry

Features and benefits:

  • Epicyclic gear drive
  • Wide range of atomizer wheels for abrasive and non-abrasive feeds
  • High reliability, availability and durability
  • Suitable for slightly aggressive liquids
  • High capacity, low maintenance
  • Patented wear-resistant wheel design - WEARSERT™
  • Proprietary feed distributor design - VOLUTE™
  • High turn down range

Technical data:

  • Wheel speed range: 6,000 – 18,500 rpm
  • Feed rate range: 5-50000 kg/h
  • Motor power: 160 kW max.
  • Designed and manufactured according to relevant EU directives and harmonized standards


  • Spindle vibration alarm as protection against excessive vibration conditions
  • Tachometer to register variable spindle speed adjusted by control of frequency converter

Read the brochure about GEA Niro's F160 rotary atomizer.