GEA Process Engineering runs an active and offensive patent policy, thereby securing the legal basis for GEA Process Engineering and and its customers.




The Patent Department and the Legal Department attend to a row of tasks concerning patents, legal matters and information searches, of which the most important are:

  • Protecting the GEA Niro technology by patents and trademarks
  • Protecting the GEA Niro technology and know-how by confidentiality agreements
  • Drawing up cooperation agreements and licence agreements
  • Watching over possible infringement of GEA Niro patents and other rights
  • Watching over patent applications filed by competitors and others
  • Watching literature within relevant technology areas

Patended Niro Technology
The GEA Niro technology is composed of proven GEA Niro technology, a continuous development of the GEA Niro technology, both processes and equipment, new technologies, and GEA Niro experience and know-how over decades from the GEA Niro pilot plants and from the thousands of GEA Niro plants operating world wide.

From its foundation back in 1933, GEA Process Engineering and the GEA Niro plants have been based on patented technology. Through the years, many hundreds of patents have been issued, and also today, several hundred GEA Niro patents are in force all over the world.

The GEA Niro patents relate to, among others, spray drying, atomizer wheels, fluid bed drying, fluid bed granulation, fluid bed perforated plates, filter and filter CIP technology, coffee technology, air pollution control, et c.

Throughout this GEA Niro web presentation of the GEA Niro technologies, "patent pending" is stated (meaning that a patent is applied for) or "patented" (meaning that a patent is issued). However, these statements refer to a part of the GEA Niro patent portfolio only, so any third party must see to not infringing any GEA Niro patent.