The GEA Niro COMPACT DRYER™ is designed for good drying economy and long running time. By cutting the lower part of the drying chamber cone off and replacing it with an annular ring-formed plug-flow fluid bed a lot of advantages are achieved:

  • First and foremost the moisture content in the powder from the chamber can be as high as 8-10 %, which means that the dryer efficiency is improved significantly. This means less drying air is needed per kilo of powder.
  • The powder discharge point from the integrated fluid bed into the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ is situated higher than in the conventional spray drying plant. The total height of the plant is therefore reduced. This together with the first statement means a very COMPACT installation.
  • There are no horizontal exhaust air ducts inside the chamber, where powder deposits can occur.

All flowsheet animations are available in the GEA Niro download area.

COMPACT DRYER™ equipment
The COMPACT DRYER™ can be equipped with a rotary atomizer and/or nozzles, adding to the flexibility. The exhaust air from the chamber, the ring-formed fluid bed and theGEA Niro  VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™, is passed through cyclones and/or bag filters. All powder particles separated from the air are returned to the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ for regular powders, or to the specially designed "FRAD" fines return unit for production of agglomerated powders.

On request, the plant can be designed and delivered for a full manual and/or automatic CIP Cleaning In Place including CIP Kitchen with tanks, pumps, valves and instrumentation.

The COMPACT DRYER™ forms the key element in a complete process line for food and dairy powders.

Safety aspects
All plants designed and supplied by GEA Process Engineering will enable the end user to obtain approvals put forward by the EU directive.

The COMPACT DRYER™ is used extensively for the production of instant whole milk, skim milk powder, non-caking whey and permeate from whey.