Freeze drying is applied to dry a vast number of food products like fruit/berries/vegetables, meat/seafood, soup blocks, rice dishes, etc. - all because the gentle drying technology preserves  the products' original shape, colour, taste and nutrients, and at the same time make them easy to store (no need for a cold chain) and serve.

GEA Niro freeze dryers for food products:

The GEA Niro freeze dryer portfolio also includes the RAY™ 1 pilot plant for product development (sublimation: 5 kg/batch).

The exact capacity of a freeze dryer depends on the product - if it is liquid or solid and what shape and size the product is available in. Therefore, the above capacities are only indicative.

The GEA Niro Test Centre is available for making tests for product development and to form basis for sizing and designing of industrial-scale plants.

Safety aspects
All plants designed and supplied by GEA Process Engineering will enable the end user to obtain approvals put forward by the EU directive.