Some products are more difficult to agglomerate than others. It all depends on the product composition. Carbohydrates act as an excellent binder, so products with high carbohydrate content such as coffee whitener, infant formula/baby food and whey products are well suited for agglomeration. Products with high protein content like WPC, caseinates and soy proteins are more difficult due to the absence of a “binder” as glue material.

With the Multi-Stage Spray Dryer Granulator MSD-GRANULATOR™ from GEA Niro, you can overcome this as it uses a tailored design to produce high quality agglomerates if your demands for agglomerate size are beyond what can be achieved during the one step agglomeration process as is done in the Multi-Stage Dryer MSD™.

GEA Niro’s MSD-GRANULATOR™ has been developed from the most successful design of a spray dryer on the world market – GEA Niro’s Multi-Stage Dryer MSD™.

The new GEA Niro system allows additional liquid to be added to the stationary back mix fluid bed in order to achieve bigger agglomerates and/or a variety of precise product characteristics not possible with a traditional fines return system alone. Depending on your process requirements, the liquid added may be water or with the same composition as the feed or a totally different product. Also, regular non-agglomerated powder with the same or different composition can be added via the fines return system to produce a variety of mixed products, all being nicely agglomerated.