GEA Niro's Fluid Bed Granulator is a good choice if you want to produce an agglomerated product with limited requirements for agglomerate size. The basis is the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™, where water or any other liquid is sprayed onto the fluidized powder layer – either with the same product composition as the powdered material or something totally different.

The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ is likewise used as an after dryer/cooler for agglomerated products discharged from a conventional spray dryer SD, TALL FORM DRYER™, Multi-Stage Dryer MSD™, Fluidized Spray Dryer FSD™, COMPACT DRYER™, or REWET AGGLOMERATOR™ plant. To enhance the agglomeration from these one-step agglomeration plants, liquid can be sprayed onto the fluidized powder layer during the spray drying process as described above.

GEA Niro's agglomeration plants can be delivered with an integrated manual or automatic CIP plant.

Safety aspects
All plants designed and supplied by GEA Niro will enable the end user to obtain approvals put forward by the EU directive.