The Sanitary Sound Attenuator SOUNDCIP™ is designed and engineered to achieve maximum insertion loss with minimum pressure drop. The unit is designed for efficient aerodynamic performance and is constructed with superior acoustical and stainless steel materials ensuring the reliability and performance.

The main applications are the installation of sound attenuators in the exhaust systems of spray dryers and fluid bed dryers for food & dairy products and pharmaceutical products . As the entire unit can be Cleaned-In-Place (CIP) between the product changes, the sound attenuator is also suitable for other product applications.

Acoustic performance and low pressure drop

  • Low frequency attenuators and attenuation over the acoustic spectrum mean high acoustic performance
  • Low-pressure drop across the attenuators means long baffle life, reduced energy consumption and noise emission

Design and construction

  • Each attenuator selection is computer modeled against the specific application, for optimum cost effectiveness and performance. The model draws on an extensive database of live applications, which allows for a guaranteed performance
  • Hermetically sealed baffles
  • Installation on the exhaust duct of the dryer and connected to the existing CIP system
  • Meet the high demands on cleanliness, sound reduction and cleaning efficiency. CIP by water, caustic and acid solutions with provision for self-draining
  • Fully automatic sequence control during CIP and drying the unit after CIP
  • Low maintenance due to CIP-system
  • Sanitary codes applied are in compliance with EN 1672-2
  • A wide range of standardized design configurations (i.e. gas flow range from 6300 to 160000 kg/h) increase the suitability to the building requirements, easy installation on the new and existing dryers

The Sanitary Sound Attenuator SOUNDCIP™ consists of a rectangular housing (1) with process gas inlet at the bottom and outlet on the upper opposite side of the housing. The housing is equipped with slide rail system for mounting the baffles (3). The housing is equipped with CIP nozzles, CIP in slide rail system and a drain facility provided at the bottom.
The waterproof acoustical baffles are made of a sound absorbing material wrapped and sealed in strong thin layer of PTFE-foil. The foil is welded thus providing a waterproof protection of the absorber material.

The sound attenuator housing is provided with a pneumatically remote controlled cover (4) at the process gas outlet (optional). The cover remains closed during CIP and when the plant is not operating.

Key features

  • Installation on the exhaust duct of the spray dryer
  • Can be connected to the existing CIP system of the spray dryer
  • Sound reduction and cleaning efficiency

Depending on application, following equipment can be additionally installed:

  • Cleaning cover for inspection and cleaning at the process gas inlet (5)
  • Spray nozzles for cleaning the interior (6)

Typical sound attenuation