07 NOV 2011

GEA Niro has launched a new brochure for the GEA Niro Aseptic Spray Dryer.

"Spray drying is a continuous, scalable and well proven technology, with plant capacities from 10’s of grammes to 10’s of tonnes per hour. When compared to freeze drying, the higher the throughput the more advantageous spray drying becomes, as a single GEA Niro Aseptic Spray Dryer can replace six to eight large lyophilizers, thus significantly reducing investment and running costs as well as simplifying plant operation."

"GEA Niro has several test facilities around the world. In the GEA Niro Test Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, we offer you full spray drying support: from drying kinetics studies on a single droplet to evaluate possible feed formulations, to feasibility tests, and scale-up. Then, it is simple to transfer the process from our technical pilot plant to your GEA Niro Aseptic Spray Dryer."



Click here to read or download the Aseptic Spray Dryer brochure.
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