GEA Process Engineering has an unmatched expertise in freeze drying plants. Building on decades of experience in processing and the heritage of Atlas freeze drying technology, we supply freeze drying plants that meet the industry's strictest requirements to product quality and plant performance.

Freeze drying is the drying of an already frozen product in a vacuum below the triple point. The vacuum allows the ice to turn directly into vapour without first passing through the water stage, in a sublimation process, and this preserves the product's original shape, colour, taste, and nutrients.

GEA Niro freeze dryers are available for several industries:

GEA Niro freeze dryers are avalaible as batch and continuous freeze dryers. Common for them both is that they are designed and constructed to:

  • Maximize plant reliability and ease of use
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Optimize space requirements
  • Minimize maintenance requirements

The GEA Niro Test Centre is available for making freeze drying tests for product development and to form basis for sizing and designing of industrial-scale plants.

Safety aspects
All plants designed and supplied by GEA Process Engineering will enable the end user to obtain approvals put forward by the EU directive.