GEA Proces Engineering offers a comprehensive product range for drying of tannins. Whether your feedstock is a synthetic or natural material, we master a broad range of solutions designed to fulfil the most demanding requirements.

Spray drying provides an easy way to preserve the activity of the tannins materials. The spray dried powder can be re-dispersed in water for use in the tannin process. We recommends co-current flow spray drying with high-speed rotating atomizer wheel or GEA Niro NOZZLE TOWER™ spray dryers. Further, we supply powder conveying and agglomeration systems . All are designed to meet the precise needs of each customer.


GEA Process Engineering is able to meet the strictest requirements to efficiency, safety and environmental compliance. Since many tannins include hazardous ingredients, all GEA Niro drying plants are designed to meet the strictest standards when it comes to explosion and emission control systems. Our vast experience within these areas is unequalled and also an invaluable aid when it comes to complying with international safety directives like ATEX, other European safety directives and/or local regulations.

GEA Process Engineering offers:

  • Plants with highly effective filters and scrubbers to ensure exhaust of clean process air
  • Semi closed plants utilising low oxygen combustion gas as process air to prevent explosions
  • Semi closed plants, self-inertised and featuring incineration of exhaust air
  • Closed cycle plants utilising nitrogen as process gas circuits
  • Pressure shock resistant plants designed with either suppression or pressure relief to protect the equipment and personnel

Even if your tannins are corrosive or abrasive, we offers a solution that protects parts in contact with the product and feed/product handling systems. This ensures your plant’s durability and trouble-free operation.

Cleaning-in-place (CIP) systems, semi- or fully automatic, are available for all GEA Niro plants. Efficient cleaning allows for more uptime and makes colour interchangeability easy and efficient.

Examples of tannins dried on GEA Niro drying technology:

  • Synthetic tannins (phenol-based)
  • Basic chromium salts
  • Natural extracts from tree