First Posted by GEA Niro Inc. in August 2001

Hudson, WI? GEA announces the formation of GEA Filtration as a new business group dedicated to supplying membrane filtration technology and systems. The worldwide core technology center for GEA Filtration is in Hudson, WI - USA.

Formerly recognized under different GEA divisions, the formation of GEA Filtration is due to the global success and rapid expansion of the membrane filtration activities within the GEA organization and also due to the bright future for this technology in numerous industries and applications.

GEA Filtration will continue to serve a variety of industries, including dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech, and related waste water applications. In order to provide both customized membrane filtration plants as well as complete process lines, GEA Filtration is combining the membrane filtration expertise from a number of GEA companies such as Niro, Tuchenhagen, Scami Tuchenhagen, Westfalia Separator Co., each a world leader in its own respective area of technology, under one umbrella.

Membrane Filtration is an established discipline, but optimum design, engineering, and equipment selection for each specific application demands specialized capabilities. With its wide application experience, along with the ability to provide testing and fabrication, process integration, replacement membranes, and after sales service, GEA Filtration is renowned worldwide for being an application and technology leader in incorporating the most advanced membrane filtration systems available within the complete process solutions it provides to its customers.

"GEA Filtration is already successful and well consolidated in several markets and industries ? so by bringing together the diverse strength and expertise of all the divisions of GEA under a central group, substantial growth can be achieved by providing a focused approach to solving each customer's application and process requirements", said Steve Kaplan, President of GEA Niro Inc.

GEA Filtration supplies Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Microfiltrationmembrane filtration process technology and systems to the worldwide market in Dairy, Food, Beverage, and Pharma/Biotech industries. The company has expertise in pilot trials and application development, systems scale-up, project engineering, process integration, fabrication, installation and start-up, service and membrane replacement.

Contact GEA Filtration in Europe at
GEA Liquid Processing Scandinavia A/S, Nørskovvej 1b, DK-8660 Skanderborg, Denmark, Tel +45 70 15 22 00


and in the U.S. and rest of the world at

GEA Niro Inc.,1600 O'Keefe Road, Hudson, WI 54016, Tel +1 715 386 9371


Swami Sundaram
Division Manager
GEA Filtration
GEA Niro Inc.