GEA Niro´s REWET AGGLOMERATOR™ is a two step agglomerator. It produces course, instant, free-flowing, and dustless agglomerates and is generally used for the agglomeration of coffee or milk products. The basis material is non-agglomerated powder as is produced in a NOZZLE TOWER™ or in conventional spray dryers.

The REWET AGGLOMERATOR™ process involves the dispersion of non-agglomerated powder in air followed by a mix of the powder and small droplets of liquid or air with high moisture content and relative humidity. This moistens the surface of the particles to make them sticky. A subsequent mechanical impact forms loose agglomerates with the desired properties, depending on product composition and requirements for agglomerate size.

All flowsheets are available for download in the Animation Download area.

The agglomerates are dried and cooled in a VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ and then screened. Any fines or milled oversize material are recycled to the process.

GEA Niro agglomerators can be delivered with an integrated manual or automatic CIP plant.

Safety aspects
All plants designed and supplied by GEA Niro will enable the end user to obtain approvals put forward by the EU directive.