Application: Test work to obtain operational conditions and basis for design of industrial size rotary atomizer plants in particular. As special options the plant can operate as compact dryer.

Capacity: The evaporative capacity is 50-200 kg/h with indirect heating and 50-300 kg/h with direct heating. The minimum feed requirement is about 500 kg.

Specification: The chamber has a 2.67 m diameter, a 2.0 m cylindrical height, a 60 degree conical bottom and is equipped with explosion venting. The 2200 kg/h of drying air is heated by either a direct or an indirect fired LP gas burner and has a maximum inlet temperature of 450 °C (direct heating) or 300 °C (indirect heating).

Feed is supplied by a Mono pump. This can also be followed by a piston pump (with a maximum feed pressure of 300 bar). The feed is atomized by a rotary atomizer (type F15) or by a co-current pressure or two-fluid nozzle.

Product is recovered by one-point or two-point collection from cyclone and/or bag filter with optional final cleaning of the outlet air in a venturi scrubber. Product discharged from the cyclone can, via a vortex valve, be cooled in a short pneumatic conveying line that ends in a cyclone and bag filter. Product discharged from the chamber can be post-dried and cooled in 0.3 m2 VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™. Fines from cyclone and/or bag filter can be returned to the atomization zone (fines return to nozzle). Air-broom and JET SWEEP™ are available for deposit reduction. The plant can also be set up as a COMPACT DRYER™.