Application: Small-scale evaluation of FSD™ drying feasibility and test of the unit for clients interested in small-scale production and R&D applications.

Capacity: The evaporative capacity is 1-4 kg/h and the minimum amount of feed required is about 4 kg and not less than 500 g of solids.

Specification: The chamber has a 0.8 m diameter with a 0.65 m cylindrical height and a 40 degree cone. The 80 kg/h of drying air is heated electrically and has a maximum inlet temperature of 350 °C.

Feed is supplied by a peristaltic or a Mono pump and is atomized by either a co-current two-fluid nozzle or a pressure nozzle.

The plant has two different drying modes; the first is traditional spray drying, with product recovery from either a bag filter or a cyclone. The second mode is the Fluidised Spray Dryer with an Integrated Fluid (IF) bed under the chamber for agglomeration. In this second mode, the plant can clean exhaust gas by either internal bag filters, or by a traditional external bag filter or a cyclone.

The combination of fluidization and spray drying enables particle size and structure to be easily controlled and is, therefore, often used for agglomerate or granulate production.