For the 21st year the Food Ingredients (FI) Europe conference was held in Excel London, and of course GEA Niro was represented again.

Old contacts were maintained and new customers introduced as GEA Niro participated in the event of the Food Ingredients (FI) Europe 2007 from October 30th to November 1st.

The 22 representative employees from Denmark, the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands had built a very impressive stand at the conference. At the GEA Niro stand the customers were able to see an IFD (Integrated Filter Dryer) model, the RAY 1 Freezer dryer, a PowerPoint-presentation of GEA Niro and a selection of powder samples produced on our own GEA Niro plants.

“The purpose of being represented at such an event is to be among our customers in order to support them when they need the help to choose the right drying system for there specific product requirements,” says the stand master of the GEA Niro stand from the Food & Dairy Division in GEA Niro.

“It’s a good chance for the company to be visible and support our customers.”

“It’s very difficult to make up in pounds and pence, what we got out of the conference. But we made good contact with the new and present customers, and good social bonds were made between the GEA Niro employees from the respective countries. We all left with a good and positive feeling.”

The next FI Europe Event will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2009.

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