When the GEA Group delivers a complete process line for the Food & Dairy industry, it also involves powder packing and palletizing. When the powder is discharged from the spray drying plant, it is usually conveyed and stored in powder silos. From there, the powder is conveyed to vacuum tanks where it is possible to interchange the atmospheric air by N2 for prolongation of the shelf life of the powder. The actual bagging off in 25 kg bags can be done in an N2 atmosphere to avoid contact with oxygen from the atmosphere.

AVAPAC - hygienic and reliable filling technologies
GEA Avapac from New Zealand is a name synonymous with hygienic, high yielding, and reliable filling technologies. With a history of producing advanced technologies for over 30 years, GEA Avapac is a world class provider.

They deliver products with diversity, flexibility, reliability, and proven world leading high accuracy, which provides exceptional yield returns. If you want to take advantage of the long term strength of dairy prices, have specialised expensive products, or need to ensure that your plant maintains maximum efficiency and productivity, GEA Avapac's unique filling technologies will add significant benefits to your business. GEA Avapac has a large and diverse reference list of products from both globally recognised and specialised producers.

Increasing the customer’s profitability 
GEA Avapac has increased their customer’s profitability by a combination of outstanding accuracy with production rates from 3 - 20tph, reliable and robust designs which translate to high levels of up time, and all delivered with operationally friendly interfacing with operator safety a top priority. GEA Avapac compliments the filling technologies by paying as much attention to the closing and bag handling systems which are fully integrated with the fillers.

These products have been developed to provide seamless and reliable final product bag preparation, sealing and quality control checks ensuring that your product is presented to your client with consistent weight control, product seal integrity, and quality traceability.