The 25 participants at the symposium
The 25 participants at the symposium
GEA Niro hosted the first internal CFD symposium in GEA with the purpose of establishing a technical network in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 18 companies from the GEA Group were represented by 25 participants.

September 15-16 the first internal Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) symposium took place at GEA Niro in Copenhagen. The symposium objective was to establish a technical network within GEA for people involved with CFD.

CFD offers a unique way of analyzing component behaviour, where fluid flows are involved. The motion and temperatures of the fluids are subject to advanced mathematical modelling. The resulting system of equations is subsequently solved by numerical methods by large computers. CFD is a rapidly developing methodology due to improved numerical methods and computer power.

Today, CFD has become a vital methodology in many of the participating companies for process development with the goal of achieving optimal process components. Some companies have their own in-house CFD group, whereas others use external consultants. Still, some companies are at the state of investigating how to employ CFD in their company.

The CFD network should serve to enhance the sharing of knowledge and experience and possibly more formal collaboration. The symposium lasted two days and included 11 presentations on the use and advantages of CFD and a subsequent meeting on the establishing of the network. The network is now established and open to all GEA companies involved with CFD.

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