26 FEB 2009

GEA Niro will be participating at the Anuga FoodTec 2009 in March in Cologne, Germany. This year the world leader within process engineering will present a new unique concept that will improve and optimize customers drying processes.

Better powder at the expense of lower costs. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Customers and visitors will be able to see the newly developed unique concept from GEA Niro with their own eyes at the Anuga FoodTec 2009 from March 10 – 13 2009 in Cologne, Germany. On a showcase with an ultrasonic levitator it will be demonstrated, exactly how the DRYNETICS™ method will work by inserting a drop of liquid and see it hang in the air.

The DRYNETICS™ method will also be demonstrated on a big flat screen with videos from the laboratory, Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with animations of the spray drying process and on posters with pictures of a test assembling and graphics of the methods behind the DRYNETICS™.

DRYNETICS™ is a concept that engineers from GEA Niro have been working on for the past three years. The DRYNETICS™ concept is ideal for making computer simulations to optimize and make better plants. Tests are run on a given feed, and a model of the drying process is made on basis of that. The model is put into the CFD simulations of full scale spray dryers, which makes the calculations very accurate.

DRYNETICS™ combined with the know-how of GEA Niro’s engineers finds spray drying conditions and plant design for a customer’s product ensuring that an offered plant is optimized in respect to product quality and plant capacity. This saves the customer money. The customers can also use the assembling to examine different products.

If we change the content of the feed, we can tell our customers, which feed will be more suitable for spray drying. We can do this with very little amounts of feed, and a customer can then choose 2-3 feeds to be spray dried at our Test Station, whereas formerly he would have to test several kilos of each feed to find the best one.

GEA Niro developed the DRYNETICS™ concept after the company was contacted by a professor and Ph.D. student from the Friedrich Alexander University in Germany, who wanted to build an apparatus to investigate the drying process of drops. GEA Niro supported the project and on the basis of the results the GEA Niro engineers decided to continue the research and build their own equipment.

The Test and Development department at GEA Niro is basis for the equipment and method that five engineers have been working on, on and off, for the past three years. For now, DRYNETICS™ is available at the GEA Niro Test Centre in Soeborg, Denmark.
If you want to see the new and unique concept from GEA Niro and many other existing processes from GEA Process Engineering, please visit us at Anuga FoodTec 2009. See further information below.

Read more about Anuga FoodTec here.


Anuga FoodTec will be held in Exhibition Center Cologne Hall, Halls 4.1, stand no. G010/H029

Exhibition hours
All days: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Stand size:
950 m²

Who will be at the stand?
11 companies of GEA Group- GEA Niro, GEA Diessel, GEA Filtration, GEA Niro Soavi, GEA PHE Systems, GEA Procomac, GEA Refrigeration, GEA TDS, GEA Tuchenhagen, GEA Westfalia Separator and GEA Wiegand.

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