Food products vary in their composition and in the requirements for the end product. However, common for them all are the need for the end product to be suitable for human consumption and therefore the process spray dryer has to fulfill requirements for hygienic design.

GEA Process engineering has significant expertise with spray dryers for food products. A GEA Niro spray dryer is designed to ensure:

  • Best product quality
  • Hygienic design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy switch over to a different product
  • Protection of the environment
  • Long operation time between cleaning
  • Fulfill EU Directives

Basic spray drying design parameters

  • The total moisture content in the exhaust air is one of the most important parameters. It depends on the composition of the product, e.g. a product with high protein content can be dried at high total moisture content in the exhaust air, whereas high carbohydrate content requires low total moisture content to avoid sticking of powder in the chamber, ducts and cyclones. This is also why the total moisture content in the ambient air is an important parameter to know before the plant is designed, as the "drying potential" is reduced if the ambient total moisture is high. 
  • Another important parameter to know is the maximum solids content in the concentrate. This is viscosity-driven and as such also depending on the composition of the product.

Your product and your requirements for the final powder decide what type of spray dryer is the most suitable. The GEA Niro spray dryers span from simple spray dryers to very sophisticated spray dryers with sufficient production flexibility so ensure that you always can meet your customer’s needs.

Learn more about GEA Niro spray dryers for the food industry:

All spray dryers are of hygienic design.