Vaccines and other products need to be sterile. The spray drying process is relatively simple, but designing a plant where all product contact zones have to be sterilized and kept under aseptic conditions is a challenge.

GEA Process Enginnering has enhanced the advanced design of the GEA Niro PHARMASD™  spray dryer components with the solid know-how in sterilization and created the GEA Niro ASEPTICSD™ line of aseptic spray dryers.

Sterilization by clean steam
For decades, the pharmaceutical industry has seen steam as the standard when product contact parts are to be sterilized. In large spray drying plants, Steam-In-Place not only requires that the components are safe at 2 bar pressure, but also that they accept vacuum. Vacuum is required to ensure that air is not preventing the steam from accessing space in the specialized construction.

Aseptic production at small scale
The GEA Niro SDMICRO™ small-scale pharmaceutical spray dryer is available in a configuration for aseptic production. Due to the size, the components are sterilized in an autoclave and then assembled in an isolator cabinet.