The transformation of liquid milk into dry powder requires the removal of almost all water, while the physical structure, product properties and appearance change significantly during this process. In addition, the milk products, whether pure or mixed with ingredients, can be processed in different ways depending on your wishes.

Dairy and milk powder technology 
GEA Process Engineering specializes in the process of turning dairy products into a variety of powder types. Years of experience guarantee milk powder plants are based upon comprehensive know-how in milk technology.

Dairy and milk powder process integration
GEA Process Engineering is recognized as an international leader in milk powder technology, setting trends in process engineering and plant design. Long-term involvement in the dairy industry guarantees plants designed to meet individual requirements depending on product testing and process evaluation while complying with the strictest criteria for hygiene and safety.

A complete milk and/or whey powder plant typically consists of:

 GEA Process Engineering takes the leading role in consolidating the entire process and act as main contractor. Plant reliability and performance are given the highest priority and we continuously work to further improve all the processes involved. Product properties, ease of operation, and state of the art technology are built into all GEA Niro plants.

Proven standardized components are used to build the plants and new modernized components are used for retrofitting existing plants to meet new standards for energy saving, product quality, emission, and plant output. GEA Process Engineering also provides project financing, plant installation, commissioning, project management, spare parts and technical service.