GEA Process Engineering, the company behind GEA Niro drying technology, is the leader in process equipment for powder production and processing. Our expertise is gained from more than 75 years of designing and supplying more than 10,000 plants for the production of a wide range of powders – ranging from bulk products to the most advanced powders within food and dairy products, chemical products, and pharmaceutical products. The supply includes plants in all sizes; from small scale and pilot spray dryers for research and product development to the largest industrial installations.

We supply complete solutions: from process design and development, engineering, and technology to delivery, installation, and commissioning of the plant. This ensures that product quality and plant performance match all expectations.

We have the expertise, technology, and equipment to match your needs whether you wish to produce a powder, granulate, or an agglomerated product - or if you wish to extract aromas and other valuable components. If your product has to be pre-concentrated before drying to improve the processing economy and powder specifications, we also have the proper solution.

For the Food & Dairy industry, we supply complete powder plants that cover every step of the process: from raw material reception and pre-treatment, to drying and powder processing, powder handling, storage, and packing.

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