GEA Niro has just published a new brochure about FSD-GRANULATOR™. The new FSD-GRANULATOR™ system from GEA Niro allows you to fine-tune your products – and improve your competitive edge.

By extending the flexibility of GEA Niro’s proven FSD™ spray dryers our proprietary system (patent pending) is the key to improving essential product properties, including: additional agglomeration, less fines, better flowability, dispersability, low attrition and better visual appearance. The FSD-GRANULATOR™ can help you consistently produce the high-quality powders your customers demand.

GEA Niro has contracted and installed more than 10,000 plants worldwide, and we are a world leader in industrial drying, with spray drying, spray cooling/congealing, flash drying, freeze drying, granulation and fluid bed processing as core technologies.

You can find the brochure here.