By design, the GEA Niro spray dryers can be in operation for several weeks - up to 4 weeks have been documented for – whereas evaporators and feed systems require cleaning every 20-21 hours to prevent biological contamination. The GEA Niro cleaning systems are designed to meet the strictest hygienic requirements and ensure :
  • long production time and short downtime for cleaning
  • correct cleaning of all product contacted surfaces and a design that leaves no hollow spaces or sharp corners.

All flowsheet animations are available in the GEA Niro download area.

Cleaning in Place (CIP) cleaning of all plant components in contact with the liquid product is an easy and well-known procedure. However, by smart design solutions in the evaporator and feed system for the spray dryer, GEA Process Engineering has optimized cleaning time and the manpower needed to an absolute minimum. The evaporator and dryer feed system is typically cleaned every 20 h for dairy products.

CIP cleaning of all plant components in contact with dry product is more difficult and it takes time. GEA Niro Spray Dryers are designed to avoid powder deposits or at least minimize them, as they are the main reason for a total wet CIP cleaning which typically takes 12-14 hours depending on the number of CIP tanks and manpower allocated for a change-over from production to cleaning mode and back again.