Spray drying plant
Spray drying plant

No one knows more about spray drying than GEA Process Engineering. This expertise has been gained over more than 75 years, where we have designed and supplied more than 10,000 GEA Niro plants all over the world, and made even more tests for customers to test the feasibilty of spray drying.

A GEA Niro spray dryer is designed for the specific product to be dried, and comply with specific requirements to product properties - final residual moisture content, bulk density, particle size distribution, etc. - and plant performance.

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Testing your product - developing the drying process
For most products, tests are a vital prerequisite for developing the optimum drying process and thereby choosing the right spray dryer.  

GEA Process Engineering operates more than 75 pilot plants at several locations worldwide. With more than 35 plants, a fully equipped analytical laboratory and the most skilled test engineers, scientists and product technologists in the industry, the GEA Niro Test Center in Soeborg, Denmark is one of the best facilities in the world for making spray drying tests.

The GEA Niro DRYING KINETICS ANALYZER™ allows us to make single-particle drying thereby conducting the essential test with only little material available - for instance in the early-phase development or when testing a very expensive product.

GEA Process engineering takes you all the way. Our experienced project engineers and managers ensure a spray dryer that conform to our mutual agreement within the agreed time frame, and our product specialists participate during the start up of the spray dryer to assure you production of the agreed product quality.

And further down the way, you can benefit from our after sales and plant upgrade and rebuild programmes.