A wide range of rotary atomizers for spray dryers handle products in the field of dairy, chemicals, pharmaceutical, sanitary food processing and heavy-duty chemical processing. Spare parts for each type/size are precisely engineered and manufactured to comply with the specific application and requirement specifications.

Original GEA Niro spare parts for safe and reliable operation
GEA Niro is equipped to supply all required spare parts of the rotary atomizers supplied with our plants. We guarantee the long-term availability of these spare parts, ensuring the operational readiness of your plant and a smooth, trouble-free production process.

Genuine spare parts of rotary atomizers fulfill the highest quality standards and ensure the longevity and maintaining the value of your installation. Each part is specifically developed, produced according to the most modern standards and subjected to rigorous quality controls.

Reliability, availability and maintainability
Genuine spare parts of rotary atomizers enhance the reliability of the equipment performance. It maintains the value of your installation as we guarantee the high quality of our original spare parts. We offer a high level of availability of genuine parts at competitive prices to keep your atomizer maintained and operating to the original specifications. The supply of original spare parts from GEA Niro is carefully documented to help you with trouble-shooting should a problem arise.

Key parts, equipment and systems of rotary atomizers:

  • Gear Box 
  • Spindle 
  • Spindle Bearings 
  • Seals, Gaskets and Couplings
  • Oil Pump
  • Lubrication system parts and accessories
  • Monitoring system parts and accessories
  • Control system parts and accessories

Recommended spare parts
Refer to the list of recommended spare parts included in the technical instruction of rotary atomizers and ask for a quotation from our After Sales division or through your local GEA Niro representative.