The GEA Niro spray drying absorption (SDA) process for cleaning of acid pollutants from industrial flue gases is dedicated especially to owners and operators of power stations, waste incinerators, steel mills and related industry, where a reliable and cost-effective cleaning is required prior to releasing the gases into the surrounding air.

Globally, the legislation on emissions of pollutants to the air is becoming increasingly stringent. International and regional requirements to the quality of emitted gas from e.g. the steel and power industry necessitates the development and installation of versatile flue gas cleaning processes.

As a mature and well-proven process, the semi-dry GEA Niro SDA is the perfect choice for flue gas desulphurization, FGD, downstream fossil fuel fired boilers, as flue gas cleaning technology downstream industrial and municipal waste incinerators, and as tail-end gas cleaning facility at steel sinter plants.

The versatility of the GEA Niro SDA process allows special adaption to the various industries and gas generators mentioned; the SDA suits the purposes whether as retrofits to existing installations or integrated into new plants. The process efficiently removes not only the acidic pollutants like SO2, SO3 and HCl from the flue gas, the removal efficiency of dust, HF, Mercury, dioxins etc is also remarkable.

Spray drying absorption for flue gas desulphurization
Flue gas desulphurization is applied to around 100 coal and oil-fired boilers and power generating stations and more than 50 steel mills worldwide. These FGD plants are built in cooperation with international or local companies. We also work in joint ventures, as a sub-supplier, or via licensing of the GEA Niro SDA technology to our business partners. We supply technical support and essential components to our business partners and licensees.

FGD plants at coal-fired power generating stations using our SDA technology may be installed directly following the air pre-heater, which allows the SDA system, consisting of one or more spray dryer absorber modules and downstream particulate collectors, to remove sulfur dioxide, fly ash, and other gaseous pollutants. A fly ash pre-collector can be installed if/when it is desired to separate the fly ash and the scrubber end-product into separate end uses.

The SDA process uses less water than wet FGD processes, the SDA process can use low quality water even waste water or sea water. 

Spray drying absorption for flue gas cleaning
Flue gas cleaning, FGC, at Waste Incineration Plants using our SDA process is installed at more than 100 waste incineration lines worldwide. The majority of these incinerators are used for Municipal Solid Waste - MSW, but the technology has also been successfully applied to many incinerators for hazardous chemical waste and several other industrial applications. GEA Process Engineering provides technology directly to the end user, although many plants are commissioned with ourselves as a supplier of know-how and key components delivered by an international or local supplier.

Flue gas Cleaning plants at waste incinerators which apply the SDA process, are most often designed to control the stack emissions of a multitude of harmful components, such as:

  • hydrogen chloride
  • sulfur dioxide
  • sulfur trioxide
  • hydrogen fluoride
  • fly ash
  • dioxins
  • mercury
  • other heavy metals