GEA Niro headquarters
GEA Niro headquarters

A leader in food and dairy spray drying solutions
Consumer demand for specific product properties, particularly in the food industry, has resulted in the development of many different dry dairy products, ranging from instant whole milk powder to speciality food ingredients. GEA Process Engineering offers engineering solutions ranging from single pieces of equipment to complete plants. We supply a full spectrum of processing equipment from raw material reception through liquid processing, evaporation, and drying to powder handling and storage including powder packing.

Food and dairy products handled at GEA Niro plants operating worldwide include: 

We also supply solutions for all aspects of successful coffee production, making us the obvious supplier of individual plants as well as complete lines. Our solutions include our own unique technologies as well as equipment from trusted partners in coffee bean handling, roasting, and packing of the finished product.

The most economical method for producing soluble coffee is spray drying which results in free-flowing and agglomerated/granulated powders. Our technologies also include freeze drying, where products with all flavors and aromas retained are produced. Thanks to an extremely high level of control, our customers can manufacture products meeting the demands of their individual markets.

Customers from all over the world come to GEA Process Engineering to test new products at our pilot test facilities. Before market launch, our new developments are tested full-scale at leading powder producers. In order to demonstrate and develop the capability of our instant coffee process systems or for any other food and dairy product, we have installed a full range of pilot scale plants in our Test Center in Denmark. Test work can be conducted upon request.