The production of herbal powder involves batch or continuous extraction equipment and an evaporator for concentrating the extract to proper solid content prior to spray drying. Ginseng, valerian, spices and liquorices, among others, are considered herbal products.

Health powder production
The range of health products is wide, but the common trait for most of these products is the need for spray drying during the production process, regardless of the raw material coming from a chemical/pharmaceutical production or from a natural product. Health products include dextran, calcium salts (lactate etc.), as well as various types of herbs.

Spray drying of health and herbal products
Health and herbal powder manufacturers worldwide have used GEA Niro spray dryers for more than 40 years. GEA Niro's technology and industrial drying experience guarantees the most suitable spray dryer design for each health and herbal application - a design that fulfills requirements for particle size, particle form, plant operation safety, pollution-free drying, and ease of cleaning between each product change.