GEA Niro dryers are designed to fulfill stringent quality requirements demanded by the food industry. When working with products made from natural ingredients, it is desirable to retain the natural properties and qualities in the final powder form. This is possible for some products while others involve a recipe containing additional carriers, antioxidants, pH-stabilizers, and so forth.

Several juices have been dried to a powder as a flavor product where the concentrated juices or single strength juices are mixed into a flavor base made from for example maltodextrin, sugar, and gum arabic. The reconstituted powders with this recipe are not real 'juices', but actually nectar. These powders can often be dried on conventional spray dryers, a Fluidized Spray Dryer FSD™, or the FILTERMAT™ spray dryer.

This special fruit is spray dried in large amounts from a concentrated paste. The powder is prepared from Hot Break paste or Cold Break paste. The paste used is strained free of skin, seeds, and long fibres and is concentrated to a maximum of 45 ° Brix for Hot Break and 50 ° Brix for Cold Break. GEA Niro has designed a special spray dryer to handle tomatoes,which is the most used tomato dryer worldwide. GEA Niro's technology also allows for the drying of tomato paste on the FILTERMAT™. The tomato powder can be produced without including any additives on the GEA Niro dryers.

Strained pulp from fruits and berries is freed from skin, seeds, and long fibers in order to create a paste that can be spray dried in this form or with only a limited addition of carrier.

Few of these powders result in reconstituted products close to the original paste in respect to retaining the natural properties such as color, flavor, taste, and texture. The FILTERMAT™ is the most attractive dryer for production of high-quality powders from these fruit and berry pastes.

Fruit juice
Reconstituted powder can only contain a maximum of 3 % additives, such as sucrose on solid base, to be called juice. Real juice powder maintains a high concentration of natural fruit fibres in the juice, this is produced using the FILTERMAT™dryer.

Spray drying of vegetables is feasible when these exist as juice or a paste as described above. Due to the composition of vegetable juice fewer carriers are required during the drying process. Filtered and concentrated vegetable paste or juices are normally dried as flavors and are mostly dried on conventional dryers and multi-stage dryers.The paste, free of skin and long fibres, is likely to be concentrated and produce great products when dried on the FILTERMAT™ dryer. These products can normally be dried without additives, typically resulting in products that can easily compete with freeze dried powders in quality properties and texture.

GEA Niro is the single largest supplier of tomato dryers and FILTERMAT™ dryers and has gained experience with spraying juices and paste from a variety of fruits, berries, and vegetables. The drying capacity ranges between 50 - 800 kg final powders per hour, depending on the product.