The GEA Niro Test Center has one of the widest range of plants available for making spray drying tests and process development. The range includes:


  • GEA Niro SDMICRO™ Spray Dryer
  • GEA Niro MOBILE MINOR™ (Closed Cycle)
  • GEA Niro FSD™-IF-6.3 Two-mode Fluidised Spray Dryer
  • GEA Niro SD-6.3N Spray Dryer
  • GEA Niro SD-12.5N Spray Dryer and SC-12.5N Spray Congealer
  • GEA Niro SD-28 Spray Dryer
  • Closed-Cycle Spray Dryer SD-12.5 CC / Spray Congealer
  • MSD™/FSD™-20 Multi-stage Dryer/Fluidized Spray Dryer
  • GEA Niro FILTERMAT™, size 6.3
  • GEA Niro FSD MINOR™ Two-mode Fluidised Spray Dryer

Spray drying is highly suited for the continuous production of dry solid in either powder, granulate or agglomerated form from liquid, aqueous or non-aqueous solution, suspensions or emulsions. It is the ideal process when the end product must comply with precise quality standards relating to particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape.