Coffee whitener or non dairy creamer is an artificial cream based on glucose syrup and vegetable oil as main ingredients.

The typical composition of a coffee whitener is as follows:

Glucose syrup or maltodextrine with a DE of 25-30 60-65 %
Hydrogenated vegetable fat with melting point 35-40 oC 30-32 %
Na-caseinate 3-5 %
Artificial cream flavour, colour and emulsifiers 1-3 %
Phosphates 1-3 %

Mixing process of coffee whitener
The above ingredients are mixed with water to a solids content of 65-70 %. The liquid products, including water, are pumped from storage tanks to a specially designed vacuum mixer, to which also the dry products are added during the mixing to the exact final product composition. The mixing takes place under vacuum to avoid incorporation of air into the concentrate.

Homogenization process
The mixing takes place at 60-70 C. When the batch has been mixed, the concentrate is homogenized in two stages and stored in a tank before spray drying. See more at this presentation.

The requirements to the final product are that it is free-flowing, and that it dissolves instantly in hot beverages, such as tea and coffee. The powder must further have the required whitening effect and a taste resembling that of natural cream.

Powder handling and storage
The additives, therefore, play an important role in the final product composition. The requirement to instant dissolution in tea and coffee without leaving lumps on the bottom of the cup, or 'floaters' on the surface of the beverage, means that the product must be agglomerated and that the agglomerates are of such a nature that they can withstand conveying and handling in a powder conveying equipment without breaking up.

On the other hand, they must be so fragile that they dissolve instantly without leaving 'floaters' on the surface of the beverage. Until approx. 10 years ago the product was typically dried in traditional spray dryers with VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ and nozzle atomization and fines return for agglomeration

Fluidized Spray Dryer FSD™ is the preferred dryer by producers of coffee whitener. An increasing demand for bigger and better agglomerates and dryers with longer operation time between cleaning has, however, resulted in the GEA Niro MSD™/FSD™ now being the preferred dryer by principal producers of coffee whitener. In this dryer the concentrate is preheated in a tubular preheater before entering the nozzles via a high-pressure pump.