Flavors, or aromas, are usually strong-smelling organic compounds with characteristic pleasant odours. These substances are often of plant origin, or they are synthetically produced. Since antiquity flavor products have been used for flavoring foods and beverages or to a lesser extent for their preservative properties.


How to use flavors/aromas
Whatever their origin and application in food, beverages or perfumed products, flavors should be used in an applicable form. This is mostly achieved by spray drying. In general, prior to spray drying all natural or synthetic flavoring compounds have to be formulated with water soluble gums and carbohydrates. By forming a protective encapsulated surface film around each particle, the volatile flavor is retained.

The mixing of flavors/aromas
The mixing takes place at 30-50 degrees C to a feed with a solid content of 40-50 %. After this, the feed is homogenized and spray dried.

What plant types do GEA Niro offer?
GEA Niro can offer many different plant types ranging from the quite simple spray dryer to the more advanced types producing a free-flowing granulated product, or even the FILTERMAT™ dryer able to treat fat-containing or thermoplastic products.