GEA Process Engineering offers a broad range of technology and tailor-made applications to meet the various property requirements of inorganic chemicals. From aluminium to zinc, hundreds of compounds are well-suited for drying on GEA Niro drying technology.

No installation too big or too small
Our supply covers a variety of plants from small installations for production of a specific product to multi-purpose plants - with capacities from a few hundred kilos to 100 tonnes per hour.

We offer our customers high performance process systems and in-depth application know-how, giving an overall distinct competitive advantage to produce at higher rates, at a tighter specification, reduced cost and improved efficiency.

GEA Process Engineering has the knowledge and competences to supply plants complying with the highest requirements to powder quality; particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density, particle morphology, and other product-related requirements, as well as to plant efficiency and reliability.

Whether your feed is in liquid, suspended crystal or solid form, we help you find the right technical solution: 

  • Spray Dryers 
    GEA Niro single-stage spray drying systems for production of fine to medium coarse powders. For a very uniform particle size, the spray dryer can be equipped with the GEA Niro NARROWSPAN™ atomizer wheel
    GEA Niro SPRAY FLUIDIZER™ is superior for producing free-flowing granulates with high mechanical stability by a simultaneous drying and granulation process. 
    The GEA Niro SWIRL FLUIDIZER™ drying system for turning filter cakes and the most viscous liquids into fine powders in a single step. For drying at gentle or high temperatures. 
    The GEA Niro CONTACT FLUIDIZER™ is an excellent solution when it comes to drying and cooling. Further, it is well-suited for production of dense soda ash.

GEA Process Engineering is able to meet the strictest requirements to efficiency, safety and environmental compliance. Since many inorganic chemicals include hazardous ingredients, all GEA Niro drying plants are designed to meet the strictest standards when it comes to explosion and emission control systems. Our vast experience within these areas is unequalled and also an invaluable aid when it comes to complying with international safety directives like ATEX, other European safety directives and/or local regulations.

GEA Process Engineering offers:

  • Plants with highly effective filters to ensure exhaust of clean process air
  • Semi closed plants utilising low oxygen combustion gas as process air to prevent explosions 
  • Pressure shock resistant plants designed with either suppression or pressure relief to protect the equipment and personnel

Examples of drying solutions for soda ash production
For soda ash production, the GEA Niro CONTACT FLUIDIZER™ has proven to be an excellent alternative to the traditional rotary dryer/calciner due to higher energy utilization, improved product quality, less maintenance and higher productivity.

The fluid bed plants have capacities ranging from 20 to 90 tonnes per hour, but the design is capable of handling even higher rates in a single unit. The design is unique when it comes to thermal efficiency and possible usage of low pressure steam.

  Spray drying with rotary atomizer/ nozzle Spray cooling (congealing) Spray dryer TALL FORM DRYER™ with nozzle atomization FSD™ SWIRL FLUIDIZER™ CONTACT FLUIDIZER™ SPRAY FLUIDIZER™
Aluminium hydroxide x x       x    
Aluminium oxide, alumina x x            
Aluminium silicate x              
Aluminium sulphate x              
Barium carbonate x              
Barium sulphate x         x    
Calcium carbonate x         x    
Calcium chloride               x
Calcium phosphate x              
Calcium hydroxide x         x    
Catalyst x x       x    
Chromium hydroxide           x    
Chromium sulphate x              
Cobalt hydroxide x              
Cobber hydroxide x               
Cobber oxychloride x              
Cobber sulphate       x     x  
Iron chelate         x      
Kaolin x         x    
Lead sulphate x x       x    
Magnesium chloride x   x       x x
Magnesium hydroxide x         x    
Mangenese sulphate x x           x
Metallic concentrates (copper, nickel, platinum) x              
Nickel carbonate x x       x    
Polyaluminium sulphate x              
Polyaluminium chloride x     x x      
Potassium fluoride x              
Rare earth compounds   x       x    
Silicone dioxide, silica, white carbon x     x   x    
Sodium bicarbonate             x  
Sodium carbonate, dense soda, light soda             x  
Sodium chloride x           x  
Sodium flouride           x    
Sodium perborate             x  
Sodium phosphates x              
Sodium silicate, water glass x   x         x
Sodium sulphate x x         x  
Titanium dioxide x         x    
Zeolite x         x    
Zinc oxide x         x    
Zinc sulphate x             x