The GEA Niro product range includes two types of flash dryers:

Both types are designed for the flash drying of wet particles from centrifuges or filters.

Flash drying

In the flash dryer, particles are dispersed by different means - depending on the product - into a hot air stream at high velocity conveying and drying the product to a free flowing powder in a very short time. The short residence time allows for high temperatures of the inlet drying air due to the cooling effect provided by the fast evaporation of the moisture from the particle surfaces.

The drying economy is very dependant upon the source of energy and the maximum allowable inlet temperatures (often up to 225 °C depending on the heat sensitivity of the product). If a wanted low residual moisture is not obtained easily in the simple flash dryer special designs can be considered or further drying can take place. This could be a second flash dryer or more often a fluid bed where longer residence time at lower and safer temperatures is possible and unwanted over-drying can be avoided.

The GEA Niro flash dryer are very flexible and cost efficient solutions with regards to both investment and operation. It is designed to meet the requirements of our customers and their local authorities and as such it is available in:

  • Open, environmentally friendly plants with effective bag filters ensuring emission of clean exhaust process air
  • A closed cycle concept with nitrogen purged process gas circuit

Safety aspects
All plants designed and supplied by GEA Process Engineering will enable the end user to obtain approvals put forward by the EU directive.