GEA Niro VERSATILE-SD™ spray dryer
GEA Niro VERSATILE-SD™ spray dryer

The GEA Niro VERSATILE-SD™ spray dryer is the ideal solution for smaller production volumes in a conventional type GEA Niro spray dryer. The VERSATILE-SD™ is a modular system and comes in different standard sizes; 6.3 - 12.5 - 25 – 50 and 80 ranging from 10 to 500 kg/h water evaporation.

As the modules for the GEA Niro VERSATILE-SD™ spay dryer are standard units, the plant can be delivered and installed in a short time. This enables you to rush your product on to the market and gain valuable time.

The GEA Niro VERSATILE-SD™ is also a very versatile plant that be applied to spray dry many different products.





  • Compact plug and play installation
  • World class GEA Niro quality
  • Modular stand-alone system
  • Pretested and ready to assemble
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Built to EU standards
  • Designed to handle chemical products
  • Powder explosion protection design


  • Feed system: either low pressure or high pressure
  • Atomization: either rotary atomizer or nozzle atomization be it low or high pressure
  • Heating system for the drying air: direct and indirect gas or steam heated air heater
  • Drying chamber: with conical bottom including air exhaust duct
  • Exhaust air system: cyclones only, bag filter only, cyclone and bag filter, or cyclone and wet-scrubber

All modules can easily and quickly be changed making it possible to adapt to new requirements or market demands.

Pre-tests can be conducted at the GEA Niro Test Center.

Safety aspects
All GEA Niro spray drying plants comply with the strictest requirements for health, safety and environmental compliance. GEA Process Engineering's expertise in explosion control design is unequaled and an invaluable aid whether considering ATEX, other European safety directives or local regulations. All plants designed and supplied by GEA Process Engineering will enable the end user to obtain approvals put forward by the EU directive.