Openings in process plants and equipment
Openings are necessary for the normal operations of the processing plants. They allow cleaning and visual inspection, mounting of equipment, the insertion of instrumentation, the connection of piping and extraction of content.

Head holes are provided in equipment to permit interior inspection and man ways allow personnel to gain access to their interiors. GEA Niro doors and covers are available for process equipment and drying chambers that can be installed in process gas medium.

GEA Niro doors and covers
GEA Niro doors and covers have been serving industries around the world and are renowned for their reliable performance giving customers the benefits of maximum availability and superior product quality. Doors and covers are openings that provide quick, easy and convenient access to process plant and equipment interiors in the dairy, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Design and application
The doors and covers are designed for non-pressure or very low-pressure equipment. To enable visual inspection and/or physical entry into the equipment, the cover swings outwards while the doors open sideways.

The cleaning covers comply with the European hygiene standard EN 1672-2 on food machinery to ensure that good hygiene practice and protection against external sources of contamination and ease of cleaning and disinfection can be maintained. Upon request, 3.1 Material Certification in accordance with EN 10204 can be supplied.

The doors and covers are suited for a wide range of sanitary applications such as in dairy, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals processing.

Materials and surfaces
GEA Niro doors and covers are manufactured in EN 1.4404 and EN 1.4301 stainless steel with silicone gasket and O-ring in EPDM materials. Other requirements are always considered. Surface finishes include electro-polished, brushed and acid pickled, and meet the high quality requirements for hygienic processes.