The newly developed frameless SANICOVER™ cover is suited for a wide range of applications. Traditional covers have too high collars, dummies and many handles, and are thus time consuming and difficult to clean properly. No dummies means spending less time on manual cleaning and with one handle, the cover is easy to open and close.



Design and application
The cleaning covers are designed for pressureless or very low pressure equipment containing process air and/or powder and should not be used for liquid or for gas tight execution. Cleaning covers are provided on processing plant equipment for visual inspection and cleaning.

The stainless steel cleaning covers are used on equipment in spray dryers, fluid bed dryers and other types of process plants equipment. The covers are suited for a wide range of sanitary applications such as dairy and food products.

The cleaning covers comply with the European hygiene standard EN 1672-2 on food machinery to ensure that good hygiene practices and protection against external sources of contamination and ease of cleaning and disinfection can be maintained.

The three standard sizes are suitable for the essential sanitary requirements and can be conveniently located on equipment where required.

Head hole cover size 200 and size 350
Man hole cover size 450

Basic design features

  • Sanitary design with EHEDG certificate (pending)
  • Pressure shock resistant test documentation PSR at 60 K Pa
  • Less manual handling and cleaning - no use of dummies
  • Very easy to install and to maintain

Technical data

  • Max. temperature: 120 °C
  • Max. allowable static pressure: ± 10 K Pa

Materials of construction

  • Parts exposed to product: EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
  • Other steel parts: EN1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Gasket: Silicone, 40 shore A
  • O-ring: EPDM
  • Other materials of construction will be considered if required


  • Pressure test certificates available on request
  • On request cover and frame are supplied with material certificates 3.1 according to EN10204

Surface finish
Surface finish internal:
Welding zone is grounded, while general surface is untreated

Surface finish external:
Welding zone is pickled, while general surface is untreated

End finish all surfaces: electrolytic polishing

Mass of covers

  • Size 200: 7 kg
  • Size 350: 12 kg
  • Size 450: 17 kg