GEA Niro Spray Dryer
GEA Niro Spray Dryer

Powder deposition on the spray dryer wall is probably the most universal problem. The build-up of powder deposits in a spray dryer is undesirable for the following reasons:

  • Deposits undergo oxidation and browning or scorching and will degrade the quality and safety of the final product if they fall off and mix with it.
  • Combustion of the organic powder deposits may cause fires and explosions in spray dryers.
  • Wall deposits give rise to lower product yields, since the product sticks to the spray dryer walls.

Preventive measures
Pneumatic hammers, Jet Sweep, Air Broom or fluidization pads systems are normally used as preventive measures to minimize deposits during spray drying operation. These preventive measures act as anti deposits. However, spray dryers have to be cleaned frequently due to the deposition of the powders on the walls. Reduction in cleaning time is desirable because it will give rise to increased production time and possibly a reduction in the cost of manufacturing the product.