Meeting the hygienic standards and mandatory requirements
The new unique GEA Niro DRIVENT Sanitary Explosion Vent Panel is a certified hygienic designed unit that complies with ATEX equipment directive 94/9/EC requirements and is certified by U.S-3A and European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group EHEDG for complying with sanitary execution. The unique design also makes inspection and removal easy and that too without the risk of damaging the panel.

Each individual batch is manufactured and tested in compliance with the requirements stated in European Harmonized Standard EN14797 for explosion venting devices, and individual test certificates are supplied in accordance with EN 10204-3.1.

Features and benefits

  • Protection of plant and equipment against excessive pressure
  • Robust, easy to maintain and Cleaned-In-Place
  • Easy installation - Low installation costs
  • Fail-Safe rapid full venting
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Vacuum and back pressure capability
  • High temperature capability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Special integrated hygienic seal design with hygienic round corners
  • Prevents over-torque for fastener nuts during installation
  • Easy to handle - Low risk of damage during transportation, installation and maintenance
  • ATEX approved, 3-A and EHEDG Certified Explosion Vent Panel
  • Ideal for retrofitting to meet new safety regulations
  • Available from stock thus reduced procurement time and cost.

Design description
The DRIVENT™ Sanitary Explosion Vent Panel is designed for easy inspection, risk-free handling and controlled hygiene and explosion protection. It employs design codes to ensure they comply with all relevant legislation. The Vent is designed to open at pre-determined rupture/burst pressure to protect against the severity of these explosions.

The standard DRIVENT™ includes vent panels, flanges, gasket, and cap nuts with washer and gasket. The vent assembly can be designed for standard insulation or removable insulation. The size of the single panel is 782x882mm.

The standard frame comprises two panels with a maximum effective venting area of 1.386 m2 or one panel with maximum effective vent area of 0,693 m2. The standard vent assembly includes a vent panel and duly welded-in frame that is available from stock.

Insulation procedure
The insulation is permanently connected to the panel and is of ultra light weight. It has no impact or adverse effect on the functionality and burst rating.

Static electricity
A grounding strip is mounted to prevent build up of static electricity.

Rupture indicator and switch Optional
Actuation of explosion panels can be detected by utilizing a signaling cable. The Signaling device is ultra low current, is intrinsically safe and operates on a simple Open-Closed principle (normally closed).

Technical specifications and data

Double Vent Assembly Single Vent Assembly
Effective vent area 1,386 m2 0,693 m2
Assembly dimension outside 1020 x 1830 mm 1020 x 920
Operating temperature 80 - 110 C, max. 150 C 80 - 110 C, max. 150 C
Operating pressure 0 - (-0.2) kPa 0 - (0.2) kPa
Max. operating pressure 1.5 kPa at 90 C 1.5 kPa at 90 C
Rupture/bursting pressure (Pstat) 10 kPa at 90 C 10 kPa at 90 C
Materials of Construction
Panel (membrane)
EN 1,4404 (AISI 316L)
EN 1,4301 / AISI 304
Silicone, FDA 177,2600
EN 1,4404 (AISI 316L)
EN 1,4301 / AISI 304
Silicone, FDA 177,2600
Approvals Certification
Sanitary Execution

U.S-3A Authorization no. 1475
EHEDG Certificate no. DTIO20912

U.S-3A Authorization no. 1475
EHEDG Certificate no. DTIO20912
EU Directive
ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
IBE x U03ATEX2058X IBE x U03ATEX2058X
Grounding strip Provided Provided
Rupture Indication System Optional Optional
Net Mass
Assembly incl. panel 128 kg 82 kg
Panel 2 x 5 kg 5 kg