We know the importance of occupational safety and health, and therefore provide reliable explosion protection solutions.

Explosion venting is one of the most common and effective forms of passive explosion protection for industrial equipment. An explosion vent is a device used for protection against excessive internal, explosion-incurred pressures. Explosion vent panel will rupture when pressure has been exceeded. It is used to protect against the hazards of dust explosions within drying chambers, bag filters, vessels and silos. Full opening and non-fragmenting explosion vent is available in standardized size, shape and design.

GEA Niro DRIVENT™ Sanitary Explosion Vent Panels are manufactured for utilization in Food, Dairy and Pharmaceutical processing equipment that has to be protected against pressure as well as dynamic explosion pressure rise. The process is sealed by the complete smooth and homogenous stainless steel membrane. The patented design allows robust construction in combination with low response pressures.

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