The GEA Niro SPRAY FLUIDIZER™ is the solution for making dust-free, free flowing, high density, compact granulates by solidification of solids from non-heatsensitive liquid feeds - whether a solution or slurry.

The SPRAY FLUIDIZER™ combines spray drying and fluid bed technology in a way that it is a fluid bed dryer, but also a spray dryer, as the evaporation already starts when the liquid feed material leaves the high pressure atomization nozzle as a spray and before the particles adheres to the agglomerates or granulates in the fluidizing powder layer in the back-mix fluid bed. A plug-flow fluid bed is applied for second-stage drying and cooling.

All flowsheets are available in the Animation Download area.

The process is continuous where the desired mechanism of particle growth is layering and simultaneous drying of the liquid feed supplied through nozzles into the fluid bed drying chamber on the surfaces of the smaller granules and nuclei particles. The operational conditions control granule growth and structure and the mean particle size is typical from 0.3 to 3.0 mm. The dryer can have special features around the plate for distributing the drying air, recycling of fines and nozzle position. To improve the thermal efficiency and reduce the size of the plant, internal submerged heating panels can be applied. Warm water or steam is recycled in the heating panels reducing the amount of drying air.

The GEA Niro SPRAY FLUIDIZER™ is a very flexible and cost efficient solution with regards to both investment and operation. It is designed to meet the requirements of customers and their local authorities, and as such it is available in:

  • Plants with highly effective filters and/or scrubbers to ensure emission of clean exhaust process air
  • Semi closed plants utilizing low oxygen combustion gas as process air
  • Semi closed plants, self-inertised and featuring incineration of the exhaust air
  • Closed cycle concept with nitrogen purged process gas circuit

Product applications
The SPRAY FLUIDIZER™ has proved an efficient solution for CaCl2, MgCl2 and Na-Benzonates, and more. Other applications include:

Safety aspects
All GEA Niro spray drying plants comply with the strictest requirements for health, safety and environmental compliance. GEA Process Engineering’s expertise in explosion control design is unequaled and an invaluable aid whether considering ATEX, other Eu-ropean safety directives or local regulations. All plants designed and supplied by GEA Process Engineering will enable the end user to obtain approvals put forward by the EU directive.