Whether your product is a base or advanced chemical or even a very special product , GEA Process Engineering has the drying technologies that provide superior powder quality. We specialize in supplying industrial drying and granulation systems based on the core technologies spray drying , fluid bed drying , flash drying and agglomeration – all designed to match each customer’s exact plant and product specifications.

A GEA Niro plant is designed to meet the strictest requirements for plant efficiency and reliability as well as plant safety and environmental compliance. Choose your product below to learn more about what plants and solutions we can supply:

If you already have a drying plant, and you are looking for information about plant upgrades to fine tune your process or meet new market requirements, give us a call to learn what we can offer!

If you are in doubt about how your product can be dried, our test centers with more than 75 pilot plants are at your disposal, as well as our highly skilled process engineers.