The GEA Niro drying solutions for ceramics are designed to meet each product specification for advanced ceramics.

Over the years, GEA Process Engineering has supplied numerous tailor-made drying plants for the drying of ceramics. The spray drying and operating conditions are selected to meet each ceramic product specification of moisture content, bulk density, particle size distribution, etc. in order to obtain a reproducible free-flowing granulate for the production of ceramic press-body of high uniform quality in one single operation.



Technologies used for the drying of ceramics
Different ceramics can be dried using GEA Niro drying technology. The right solution depends on the feedstock and the required powder properties.

  • Spray Dryers
    GEA Niro single-stage spray drying systems for production of fine to medium coarse powders. The spray dryer can be equipped with either a rotary atomizer or a nozzle atomizer.

    GEA Niro SWIRL FLUIDIZER for turning filter cakes and the most viscous liquids into fine powders in a single step. For drying at gentle or high temperatures. The spray drying plants provided by GEA Niro for the drying of ceramics are designed with an abrasion resistant feed system and nozzle or rotary atomizer in order to meet today’s environmental restrictions related to restrictions on dust emission. The larger sized GEA Niro spray drying plants can be equipped with energy recovery systems that reduce the heating costs.

GEA Process Engineerings supply open and closed cycle dryers
For both traditional and advanced high-tech ceramics, GEA has supplied a number of plants with spray dryers with either an open or closed cycle drying concept. The transformation of a water-based ceramic slip specified with high solids content, binder and lubricant into a controlled droplet distribution using rotary wheel or nozzle atomization is mainly performed in open concepts with ambient air as the once-through process air.

Closed cycle dryers with inert gas as process gas are used to prevent oxidation degradation or to operate safely with organic solvent-based ceramics. The flammable solvent evaporated from the feed formulation is fully recovered as liquid in a wet scrubber/condenser system.

Examples of drying solutions for ceramics:
For drying of ferrites (iron oxides), GEA Niro spray dryers with rotary atomizers or nozzle atomizers are typically used. The rotary atomizer provides a finer powder whereas the nozzle atomizer provides a coarser powder.

Other types of ceramics dried on GEA Niro dryers:

  • Aluminium oxides
  • Electroporcelain
  • Ferrites
  • Silicium oxides
  • Titanates
  • Etc.