GEA Niro has installed a RAY-1 Atlas freeze dryer into its in-house test centre in Copenhagen.

This is the latest pilot plant to be commissioned in the centre where existing and prospective GEA Niro customers can evaluate new technologies and refine processes ahead of full production. Freeze drying is suitable for the batch or continuous drying of almost all food products such as seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, coffee, and herbs.

RAY-1 pilot plant

The RAY-1 machine in the centre has already been in operation as part of a process converting coffee beans into instant coffee. However, it can be used by any customer who wishes to evaluate the effectiveness of freeze drying and test its viability.

The GEA Niro test centre also has a wide range of spray drying and processing equipment available for customers' use. Every year it helps many companies assess GEA Niro technology without great financial commitment and in such a way as to make scale-up to pilot or full-scale production a simple and trouble-free process.

GEA Niro is the world leader in freeze drying technology after its acquisition of the Atlas Food Division two years ago.