The GEA Niro product range includes several plants and technologies for agglomeration - making single particles adhere in a controlled way to form an agglomerate that has the right particle size, particle size distribution and bulk density.

Agglomerated powders ensure quick dispersion and dissolution, improves flowability and reduces dust problems during powder handling.

The GEA Niro agglomeration systems are available in both single or two step solutions or a combination of both - all depending on the requirement for the final agglomerate and the product composition. Whether the starting point is a liquid or already in powder form, GEA Process Engineering has the right solution.

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GEA Process engineering takes you all the way. Our experienced project engineers and managers ensure a agglomeration plant that conform to our mutual agreement within the agreed time frame, and our product specialists participate during the start up of the plant to assure you production of the agreed product quality.