Choosing the right spray dryer
GEA Process Engineering combine an unrivaled expertise in spray drying and dairy processing to provide superior plants for dairy powder products production. When selecting a spray drying plant, it is important to know the requirements for the end product - is it to be a regular product, or agglomerated, or instantly soluble in cold water - as well as the requirements to the facility. 
GEA Niro Spray Dryer
GEA Niro Spray Dryer
The spray drying process
The spray drying process depends entirely on the composition of the product. Some are very easy and others very difficult to dry. In this context it should be stated that a GEA Niro spray dryer is designed and the process parameters selected to ensure:
  • Best product quality
  • Low energy consumption
  • Protection of the environment
  • Long operation time between cleaning
  • Fulfill EU Directives
The portfolio of GEA Niro spray dryers span from simple spray dryers to very sophisticated multi-stage spray dryers. Learn more about different GEA Niro spray dryers for the dairy industry:
Whatever type of spray dryer you select for your product, a hygienic design and construction has first priority by our design engineers no matter where in the world the plant is intended for.